Residential Dog Behaviour Training

You can expect a remarkable transformation in your dog’s behaviour as a result of our proven, positive training methods.

Behaviour issues can arise with any dog at any time and can cause stress and disruption to family life and to your dog. They are sometimes best solved with some residential ‘time out’ with our behaviour specialist, especially if time restraints are an issue for you.

You will see your dog’s behaviour transform with our positive one-to-one training methods.

Our residential school at our Training Centre near Tunbridge Wells allows Jackie, our behaviour specialist, to have quality, quiet time with your dog, enabling her to identify the root causes of the behavioural issues and to resolve them quickly and kindly.

Behavioural Issues

Your dog’s behavioural challenges might manifest themselves in some or all of the following ways:

  • Aggression
  • Nervousness
  • Stress
  • Disobedience

How the Training Works

Our behaviour specialist meets with you to discuss your dog’s behaviour issues.
A training plan agreed.

You leave your dog with our behaviour specialist for a conveniently agreed time scale. We can collect your dog from your home if this is easier for you.
Training begins using entirely positive methods.
We give you regular reports updating on your dog’s progress.

You collect your dog with a full training session, giving you the chance to observe the results and understand how to move forward.
Our behaviour specialist gives you instruction on how to continue at home.


You will see a total change in the way your dog behaves. With our guidance, you and your family will be able to reinforce training at home, and bond as a family with your dog.


To be agreed.


We will agree a price on application which will be dependent on the time to train and the type of behaviour to be corrected.

Booking Information

For an informal discussion or to book Residential Training, please telephone 07947 305359 or email


Training will take place at our centrally located Residential Training Centre.