Pawfect tips from HDT – This week… Choosing a new dog for your family

We all know how exciting it is when you decide as a family to get a dog. Whether it’s a puppy, a dog from a rescue centre or an older dog who just needs a comfy, loving place to rest his head. Adding a four-legged friend to your family is a wonderful thing!

Now you wouldn’t go into choosing something so important without doing your homework would you?!! Before you go and commit to potentially 10-15+ years of your life with this new pal do your research into the breeds as much as you can. For example if you are considering a Terrier breed know that they are rascals! They like to dig, they are energetic, they can be feisty and territorial and they like to bark but also they are highly intelligent and trainable so can be great fun. Or what if you were drawn to one of the ever popular ‘bull’ breeds such as an English Bulldog or a Frenchie? These dogs tend to be quiet and laid back and certainly don’t need a lot of exercise so if you enjoy long country walks this breed probably isn’t for you. Another very popular breed is the Collie and other working type dogs. Of course these dogs can make fantastic pets but they need to be stimulated mentally and physically otherwise they may find their own ‘work’ to do!

Getting a rescue dog can be a great way of avoiding the puppy training stage of a dog’s life. Do your research into the rescue centre and ask as many questions as you can about the dog you are interested in. Also arrange to visit the dog as many times as you want and take the whole family (including any other dogs in the household) before you decide to take him home.

Be it a puppy or a rescue dog the first few weeks can be hard work but with the right conditions and environment you will have that new family member that you desire.