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Dog Training

This page gives you a brief overview of all our services.

Following the links at the bottom of each section will give you detailed information on all aspects of our training.

Please do call me if I can offer you any advice, support or guidance on 07947 305359 or email jackie@happydogstraining.co.uk

One-to-One Puppy Training

One-to-One sessions are entirely tailored to the puppy and its owner’s needs, and will be based on the development stage the dog has reached.


Training Centre Sessions last 1½ hours

Home Training Session lasts 3 hours


£110 per session at the training centre.

£220 per session in your own home.

Puppy Advanced Training

Everything you need to take your dog into adulthood, focussing particularly on the behaviours you want outside the home environment. Maximum four puppies.


Two sessions of four hours each.


£80 per session

Socialisation Training Course

Puppies are thoroughly vetted and appropriately placed ensuring safety.

Socialisation is about getting your puppy used to the sights and sounds of everyday life, not just playing with other dogs. This class is for puppies that have completed one-to-one training and are now ready to mix with other dogs. Puppies are thoroughly vetted and appropriately placed ensuring safety.


This is a 4 Week Course lasting one day per week on Wednesday


£240 for the 4 week course; puppies are accepted from 9am or earlier by prior arrangement.

Dog Behavioural Training

This class is run on a one-to-one basis and covers anything from basic behavioural problems right through to complex behaviour issues.


Most behaviours can be fixed within one to two sessions of 1.5 hours


£110 per session

Booking Information

To book classes or to find out more, please telephone Jackie on 07947 305359.