Meet Dog Behaviourist, Jackie

Happy Dogs Training’s founder, Jackie, is a behavioural specialist with many years’ experience of working with dogs and people. Helping clients in the Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Maidstone areas, Jackie’s unique and effective approach is based on a deep understanding of dog behaviours and how they vary across different types of dogs.

Coaching the owners is almost as important as training the dogs, and Jackie’s in-depth knowledge of how preferred learning styles differ from one individual to another means she can tailor her approach to one that will be most effective.

Jackie’s Approach to Dog Training

Early on in her career, Jackie learned that dogs do not generally cope well in large groups. This has shaped her approach and means that all her dog training classes begin as a one-to-one progressing to group training with no more than four dogs.

As well as suiting the animals, these smaller groups enable Jackie to give more attention to each dog, analysing how they learn and tailoring her approach as a result. It also means the owners can be taught how to communicate effectively with their dogs, resulting in closer bond between owner and dog.

Owners are coached in how to interpret their dog’s instincts and body language, enabling them to react in a way that brings about positive changes in their animal’s behaviour.

Why Owners Choose Happy Dogs Training

There are many reasons why our clients choose Happy Dogs Training, here are some of the main ones:

  • Our personal approach – we take the time to understand you and your pet, and the bond between you both, so we can advise you based on your unique set of circumstances.
  • We work with the whole family – your pet is a family pet, and we are happy to involve all family members in learning about and training their pet so that the entire family uses the same training techniques and commands.
  • Our experience – we have worked with hundreds of dogs over the years and have a bulging portfolio of testimonials.
  • Honest feedback – if you are doing something wrong and, as a result, your dog does not understand your command, or acts in a certain way, we will tell you.

Specialist Dog Training Centre

The Happy Dogs Training Centre has been specially designed to meet the needs of both dog and puppy training.

Our heated indoor and outdoor training centre is located in the heart of rural Kent, near to Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone and Sevenoaks. Here at the Happy Dogs Training Centre, we can accommodate one-to-one sessions and classes for up to four dogs and their owners, depending on your dog’s individual needs.

For some owners their dog’s behaviour problems may occur outside of the home, so access to an external training area is essential. The Happy Dogs Training Centre offers substantial external grounds that allow us to train dogs outside, as well as indoors.

How to Book Your Dog Training Session

To book classes, please call Jackie on 07947 305359. Payment is taken on receipt of booking.

One-to-One Dog Training

The Happy Dogs Training Centre is the ideal space for one-to-one dog training. There is ample room to train, and it is equipped with a wide range of training aids which help you learn how to communicate with your dog.

While many clients prefer to use our Training Centre, some clients do require dog training within their own home. This can be a more convenient option that works around your family commitments and lifestyle. Provided your home offers enough space, Dog Behaviourist, Jackie can travel to your home to train your puppy or adult dog.

To find out more about one-to-one dog training in your home, please contact Jackie direct on 07947 305359.

Working with Dog Charities and Organisations

Understanding dog behaviours to provide comprehensive and efficient dog training takes many years of experience to master correctly. Over the years Jackie has developed a highly detailed and complex training programme that achieves 100% success rating.

Jackie comes highly recommended by her clients for her ability to truly understand the nature of dogs. As a result, Jackie now offers staff training on dog behaviours to charities and animal organisations in the South East.

Get in Touch

If you are dog owner looking for one-to-one dog training, or an animal organisation that requires a dog behaviourist to provide staff training, please contact Jackie at Happy Dogs Training on 07947 305359.